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Product Media

Mailbox Math

Product Number: PC-5296
Sort-and-check games reinforce PreK-2 math standardsSorting picture quantities to 12Addition and subtraction factsShapes, tim...



Sort-and-check games reinforce PreK-2 math standards

  • Sorting picture quantities to 12
  • Addition and subtraction facts
  • Shapes, time, and money

5 sorting mailboxes
320 sorting and answer cards
80 color-coded make-your-own cards

Mailbox Math is a collection of ten interactive sorting activities that reinforce important PreK-2 math skills. Young children love practicing math basics hands-on with these delightful, sturdy plastic mailboxes and colorful sorting and answer cards. The 5 mailboxes feature pull-down mail slots and secret sliding doors for emptying the mailbox and checking answers. Also includes 80 color-coded blank cards for creating your own sorting activities. Cards are printed on 8.5" x 11" sheets and require cutting.

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